"Coder. Writer. Gamer. Nerd." is the tagline for my website and email signature, identifying the main portions of my personality. "Coder" is listed first due to my childhood spent in front of and surrounded by computers, which I discuss in Part 1 of my introduction posts. My education and profession as a software developer simply solidified that particular ID. Peruse through my professional resume! There is a .pdf version as well.

If you're looking to hire a freelancer, I am available to work. Please book time with me and let's talk about your project.


Self-motivated, full-stack developer with 10+ years of professional experience in software and web development. Renowned for a short learning curve, a wide range of knowledge on various technologies and techniques, and quick turnarounds. Effective in communicating ideas clearly to multicultural and distributed teams while working in an Agile environment. Fluent in French.


Javascript Typescript React Redux/Context API Next.js Node.js RESTful APIs SQL MongoDB Java

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer

Turnberry Solutions | Remote

Senior Software Engineer

SimpleHealth | Remote
2022 Integrated the complexity of insurance-based payments for SimpleHealth, allowing more options for women and people with ovaries to get birth control easily.

  • Developed a messaging system between the SimpleHealth app and the pharmacy API to simplify the workflow for pharmacists
  • Built an automatic process to re-send previously failed messages (e.g. outages) to prevent the loss of information between SimpleHealth and the pharmacy
  • Intercepted insurance API events and verified insurance copay amounts to charge customers correctly
  • Tools: Javascript, Flow Type, React, Node.js, MySQL, Git

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Science 37 | Remote
Built the user interface to flagship product platform and deliver scalable solutions for new features that have the power to positively impact millions.

  • Integrated new feature for trial-based privacy policies, creating UI from mock-ups and API from requirements
  • Reviewed code and pull requests to ensure architectural standards and code quality
  • Tools: Javascript, React, NodeJS, MySQL, Git

Frontend Developer

Plain Concepts | Remote

Maintained and created React websites for various Microsoft projects such as Microsoft Innovation with an emphasis on internationalization and accessibility as well as frequently changing designs.

  • Implemented a new experience for the Microsoft Ignite 2020 conference within the first three weeks of hire
  • Created a complex mobile gallery component for Microsoft Worklab's Work Trend Index Reports
  • Enhanced user experience for accessing medical articles by creating a newly designed Microsoft Biomedical Search
  • Tools: Javascript, React, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Git

Software Developer

AgilityHealth | Remote

Used knowledge from recreational development in React to help team jump start total application migration of AgilityHealth Radar, the most popular application sold by ATI, from ASP.NET to React.

  • Rebuilt the create and edit functionalities for companies in React/Material UI from the older ASP.NET application
  • Provided expert knowledge of redux-form, acquired through on-the-job research, to help team overcome complex form issues
  • Completed frequent design updates with limited turnaround
  • Tools: Javascript, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Material UI, C#, SQL Server

Full Stack Developer

Conductix-Wampfler | Omaha, NE

Recruited for vast knowledge of languages, frameworks and expertise in Atlassian products. Successfully became subject matter expert in creating and editing complex workflow validation and related scripts for robust software functionality.

  • Created custom application that enabled engineers to generate and modify specifications for manufactured steel products, saving development hours and increasing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Developed and maintained a middleware layer of RESTful web services, that is used for transferring data between two end-points
  • Engineered software that consumed third-party API to interact with custom applications to provide additional enriched data to validate changes
  • Initiated, led, and implemented software solutions for critical business processes increasing productivity throughout the engineering department
  • Tools: Java/Groovy, SQL Server, Javascript, RESTful, Jira

Software Development Engineer

CSG International | Omaha, NE

Worked on various applications, switching between Java and C# on weekly—sometimes daily—basis. Created RESTful APIs to communicate with two different issue tracking systems based on two different languages and frameworks. Designed and implemented several small applications to help migrate or manage information.

  • Single-handedly designed and developed desktop application to transfer data from retired testing platform to save $80K in third-party licensing fees
  • Analyzed and implemented customized solutions to code plugin defects for Atlassian Jira upgrades
  • Became the peer-elected trainer for on-boarding new hires due to excellent communication and teaching skills
  • Tools: Java, C#.NET, ASP.NET (MVC), SQL Server, Javascript

Application Developer

Union Pacific Railroad | Omaha, NE

Originally hired as an intern and quickly extended a full-time position before graduation. Worked with team members located in India and became the go-to mentor of fellow developers, leading daily scrum meetings, helping with code reviews, and aiding to gather requirements from the business.

  • Constructed dynamic reports with graphs for direct access to previously obscure sale/production data
  • Optimized complex database schema and queries to reduce processing time by several seconds
  • Tools: Java, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, ColdFusion, Oracle SQL, Javascript


Freelance Web and Social Media Manager


  • Created websites for HALLINS Corporation, a non-profit organization with limited technical expertise
  • Managed domains and web hosting for HALLINS
  • Designed promo cards and related call-to-action graphics for various events

Open Source Contributor


  • Designed website for a simulation basketball league, SIBA, using React, Node.js, PHP, and AWS
  • Created database with authentication for users to manage their lineages for the collection game Dragon Cave using Next.js, Bulma CSS framework, and MongoDB.


Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

University of Nebraska at Omaha | Omaha, NE