Brittani S Avery, Coder, Writer, Gamer, Nerd.

The Many Sides of Brittani S Avery

I've had an overactive and imaginative mind since I was a child, thus creating the many sides of me: developer, author, designer, poet, dog mom, basketball fan, pseudo-psychologist, etc. As a professional software engineer, I write code, make websites, and build applications. I also have some side projects to keep learning and honing my Googling skills. As an author and poet, I participate in poetry readings, write short stories, and even publish novels. In 2017, I finished my first novel and, with the creation of my publishing company, Black Meredith Press, I published Element Unknown. Its sequel is in the works, which is a lot harder to write than one might think.

All of these different sides will now live under one roof, Check out my current writings and coding projects to see what I have been up to. Also, join my newsletter to get blog posts and other updates right in your inbox!

Recent Blog Posts

New Year, New Look: Round 2

Jan 18, 2021

coder is a great tool for creating websites without any coding knowledge, but as I tried to make changes and add to my site, I noticed a growing list of limitations. So, I decided to redesign and rebuild it from scratch.

30 for 30

Oct 14, 2020


I recently turned 30 and I have learned much about myself in the last few years. Here are 30 things for 30 years.