Crochet—An Old Hobby Rediscovered

Mar 29, 2024


The joy of finding a hobby is great. The joy of rediscovering a childhood hobby is even better! That is exactly what I have learned by picking up my crochet hook once again and creating plenty of cute, little toys.

A Curious Brain Exercise—Video Game Music Theory

Dec 30, 2023


Video game music has continued to be a favorite of mine and has even made me wonder why certain songs envoke certain emotions. During a random YouTube dive, I found a couple of channels that analyze exactly that.

Code Fix: The SIBA Website's Move from Create-React-App to Astro 1.0

Oct 30, 2023


The website for the fictional basketball league I run with my dad, SIBA, was built with the abandoned and broken Create-React-App. Wanting to move onto something newer, I decided to give the Astro framework a try.

To Write, or Not to Write?

Sep 25, 2023


During my (unintentional) hiatus for the past year, I have often questioned if someone could still be considered a writer if said person doesn't write for an extended period of time. It's me, I'm the someone. 😅

Mailchimp in "The Attack of the Bots"

Sep 30, 2022


The spam bots finally found my little piece of the internet and flooded my newsletter with thousands of sign-ups from a "Hot Alisa". This post describes the steps I took to make sure that the spamming can never happen again.

The Salary Gap in Real Life

Apr 29, 2022


In 2020, a woman working in the US made 17% less than a man. When comparing my former salary to that of my male coworker, it seems like the salary pay gap is still alive and well.

Grandma Avery (January 6, 1924–December 8, 2021) and Meshach (January 20, 2013–December 17, 2021)

In Memory of Grandma and Meshach

Mar 25, 2022


Content Warning: death, suicide—The last two years have sucked. I have experienced unemployment, sickness, and the death of loved ones. Specifically I lost my grandma and my dog, Meshach, in December 2021. In this post, I talk about the good memories I have of them that help me combat my sorrow.

The Influence of Childhood Books

Feb 22, 2022


A previous prompt from the site Hardcover, an up-and-coming alternative to Goodreads, asked us about our favorite childhood books That got me thinking about my favorites and how they may have influenced my writing style.

My Writing Projects for 2022

Jan 25, 2022


With a brand new year and Book II's draft finally complete, it's time to take a look at the writing projects for 2022.

Recruiters, Please Stop Playing the Guessing Game

Nov 29, 2021


As a talented developer, I get a lot of messages from recruiters, asking if I'm looking for a new opportunity. It's nice being recognized, but there is one thing I can't stand about them: playing the company guessing game.