Recruiters, Please Stop Playing the Guessing Game

Nov 29, 2021


As a talented developer, I get a lot of messages from recruiters, asking if I'm looking for a new opportunity. It's nice being recognized, but there is one thing I can't stand about them: playing the company guessing game.

Thoughts of an Old Soul

Sep 20, 2021


I've always enjoyed creative works from times past, validating my identity as an "old soul." Here I compare the differences I've noticed in the creative works of today.

The original "I Am" poem with classic Microsoft rainbow Word Art and pink construction papers on the corners

Work Revisited: "I Am" Poem

Jul 27, 2021


I found an old autobiography assignment from eighth grade with predictions and poetry from 13-year-old me. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Code Fix: The SIBA Join Page Update

May 7, 2021


The simulation basketball league created by my dad and I had grown significantly in popularity, revealing a problem in our join-up process. This post describes that problem as well as the struggles and results of the fix.

The Beauty of Video Game Music

Apr 1, 2021


Exploring the vast library of Spotify, I found songs from games of my childhood and it reignited my love for video game music. So I took a trip down memory lane, rediscovering songs and opening myself up to some new favorites.

Elementology 101

Feb 25, 2021


Elementology, the main science and plot driver within my Element Unknown series, was born from a love of psychology, personality tests, and mood rings.

New Year, New Look: Round 2

Jan 18, 2021

coder is a great tool for creating websites without any coding knowledge, but as I tried to make changes and add to my site, I noticed a growing list of limitations. So, I decided to redesign and rebuild it from scratch.

30 for 30

Oct 14, 2020


I recently turned 30 and I have learned much about myself in the last few years. Here are 30 things for 30 years.

Past Poet vs Present Poet

Sep 30, 2020


Having written poetry for 18 years, my skills as a poet have improved greatly. I take a trip down memory lane discussing some of my poems from the past.

Juggling Projects, Managing Guilt

Sep 17, 2020


While my inspiration for coding has been free-flowing, my writing muse vanished. A comic from Chris Hallbeck perfectly portrays my feelings on my lack of writing.