Simulation Internet Basketball Association

The professional and college logos for our fictional leagues.

The Simulation Internet Basketball Association (SIBA) is a fictional basketball league created my father, Kelley Avery, and me, as well as powered by the pro and college basketball simulation games from Wolverine Studios.


This started out as a way for my father and I bond over our love for basketball and statistics. We needed a place to put the rules, standings, and other information required to run a successful league. I decided to use this opportunity as a way to learn more about React and AWS as well as hone my skills as a graphic artist. For the pro league logo, I used a photo by Logan Weaver as a reference, liking the end result. I kept the college logo simple and generic since college sports (usually) have more focus on the teams rather than individual players.

Join the Fun

If you're interested in joining either the pro and college leagues, be sure to visit the website and check out the rules. There are plenty of teams left. 😊

If you're a fellow developer, check out the code on Github. I would love some suggestions on how to better integrate the files generated by the Wolverine Studios games.