A comparison of my old profile picture with long braids and no glasses to my new profile picture with short locs and glasses

New Year, New Look, Same Me

May 12, 2020 · Brittani S Avery


Welcome to the new and improved website of Brittani S Avery! With this comes a new design, a simplified menu, and a weekly blog.

You may be wondering why I decided to make all these changes in the first place. After all, my previous design and layout accomplished its goal of informing people of my books and myself as an author. But that's just the thing, I am more than an author. I'm also a software engineer and graphic designer. A website bearing my name should show all the different hats that I wear and that's what I did with these new changes.

The catalyst for the changes was a photo, specifically a selfie from a special (and virtual due to COVID-19) event, the annual commemoration of Jesus Christ's sacrifice. My sister had done my makeup, creating a beautiful sunset effect around my eyes, and my new glasses gave me quite the sophisticated look. This latest photo was much more reflective of my appearance and personality than my current professional photo. This got me thinking if my website could give a more accurate picture of me.

A feather and the initials 'BSA' between greater-than and less-than symbols, the Brittani S Avery logo

I started with the logo. I wanted to combine two big parts of my life: writing and coding. Many associate writing with a book, a notebook, a pen—or better yet, a feather pen! Thus, one part of my logo was complete. The second part comes from a common symbol used to represent a code snippet, </>. Also, html tags have the following format: <example>random words</example>. So, I decided to replace the slash with the feather pen and use my initials to create my new logo.

With the new photo and logo in place, I continued to look for ways to reflect my whole self. I maneuvered the About page into the Home page, reworded the Books page to Projects, included my current software projects, and finalized my newsletter. The new and improved website was complete!

So, what can you expect topic-wise? Mostly writing, coding, and the mixture of the two. I might relate some of my personal experiences regarding mental health and being a Black woman in a predominantly male field. This will be a healthy mix of personal and professional.

Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on blog posts. There will also be sneak peaks on upcoming projects like the sequel for Element Unknown. Let me know in the comments below if there is anything specific you would like me to write about. Until next time!


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