Element Unknown

The novel, Element Unknown, in its paperback form.

Fifteen-year-old Rex is right at the cusp of officially gaining the title of heir to the Marshall family's inheritance. There are just a few complications: his scandalous reputation, his conniving cousin, his lackluster studies, and finally—the big one considering his abolitionist father—his impulsive purchase and short-sighted freeing of the slave Meenal, a girl with strange blue skin and an even stranger connection to him.

Will Rex be able to manage the social and political challenges to earn his birthright? Or will his rash decision-making and ferocious anger cause him to lose everything?

Quotes from Readers

"It was the kind of book that grabbed your attention and didn't let go until the last page."
Selbi (Amazon)

"I was drawn into the world by the end of the first chapter. It was hard to put the book down!"
Lisa Buford (Amazon)

"Engaging plot and irresistible characters."
Kate Fox (Amazon)

"Environmental details were well-written, the sub-plots involving Meenal and Rex trying to learn about their backgrounds was intriguing."
Shannon Rohrer (Goodreads)

Grab Your Copy

Element Unknown is available as a paperback and an e-book. I have autographed copies for sell if you're looking for a physical option. If digital is more your style, you can find the e-books on Amazon.