My First Author Interview

Jul 1, 2020 · Brittani S Avery


I have gone through plenty of interviews, especially in the last few months. With the loss of my previous job, I was interviewing with several companies two or three times a week. I do not recommend this. Even if you are desperate for income, I strongly advise breaks. Interviewing is tiring work.

There is one interview that sticks out from the rest, one that I really enjoyed doing. It was my first interview as an author, promoting my books and discussing my writing process. My interviewer was VS Holmes from the Amphibian Press Podcast. We are a part of a pair of Facebook groups for fantasy and science fiction readers. She advertised interview openings for authors that belonged to the groups and so, I signed up.

March 10th, the day of my interview had finally arrived and I was nervous! I've never been one for public speaking. My preferred form of communication is text-based. But in the end, it was just a nice conversation. Holmes is an excellent host and made me feel at ease. We talked about Element Unknown and its sequel, programming and its effect on my creativity, and the what-ifs in fiction. The interview actually lasted longer than anticipated since the conversation just kept flowing!

If you're curious to hear the full interview, check out the podcast. Until next time!

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