Dragon Cave Lineage Database

A sample results page from the Lineage Database

The Dragon Cave Lineage Database (DCLDB) is an online database of lineages of the digital dragons from the creature collection game, Dragon Cave.


I have been playing Dragon Cave since 2008 and when the lineage page was introduced, I became quite interested in creating my own combination of dragon species, variations, and naming schemes. Previously I had all of my lineages in a giant Google Sheet. As it grew, the load times became longer and eventually grew to a point where searching became nearly impossible. It was hard to get organized for the big annual breeding events and there have been times when I missed a pairing that can only produce the special species once a year, so I would have to wait an entire year for another chance.

So, I decided to put my coding skills to use and create something that I would find useful in organizing and searching for lineages. I also added the ability for others to join and add their own lineages because if I found it helpful, someone else might as well.

Take a Look

Whether you're a lineage enthusiast or a curious developer, feel free to use the search on DCLDB and look at the current project's progress on Github. I'm currently in the middle of finishing the minimal viable product (MVP) of the search and user profiles.