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Created by me in 2017, Black Meredith Press (BMP) is an independent book publisher for the surreal yet familiar.


For a long while, I didn't have a specific website for my publishing company. It would just redirect to this website. Eventually, I decided that I would create a dedicated site for BMP. For months, it just sat with a basic "Site goes here" template. That is no longer the case. Black Meredith Press finally has a legit website.

Since I am the only author represented by BMP (currently), I knew that there wouldn't be a need for multiple pages. I also did not want to start another blog. I write about books, reading, and other related topics here. All that would be needed a description of the publishing company, a list of authors, and a contact form. So, I figured out parallax scrolling and created a nice, single page website. I used Tailwind CSS for an easy way to have a dark mode and after struggling with the simple email service from AWS, I used Postmark for sending the contact form emails. They allow 100 free emails per month, which will be more than enough.

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Black Meredith Press is a simple website, so take a minute or two to glance through it. The code is quite simple as well. If you see any improvements, let me know.